Place your next Boomer’s order from your smartphone

It seems like just yesterday we announced online ordering at Boomer’s Drive-In. It’s been a big hit and people are enjoying building their orders and sending them in with the click of a button.

But now that has gotten even easier!

Boomer’s Drive-In smartphone apps have been launched and are available for downloading from Android Apps on Google Play and the iOS App Store.

Here’s what you can expect when using the apps (screencaps taken on Android device, things may be a little different on an iPhone):

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There is even more. So click the links above to download your app and start planning your next Boomer’s Drive-In order.

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Boomer’s Drive-In team puts up best time in the 2017 Bellingham Traverse

We are excited to announce the Boomer’s Drive-In team put up the best time across all categories in this year’s Bellingham Traverse competition held yesterday, September 16th.

The team’s time of 2:51 on the 37-mile course was 16 minutes faster than the next closest finisher in any category and 26 minutes faster than the next finisher in the Team category.

Team organizer Mischa Burnett is also a long-time member of Boomer’s Drive-In Ski-to-Sea competitive teams. Team members and their respective legs are as follows:

  • Damon Burnett on the greenways run
  • Steve Dempsey on the mountain bike
  • Mike Finley on the road bike
  • Nick Cryder in the kayak
  • Mischa Burnett on the trail run

The Bellingham Traverse athletes run, bike and paddle through Bellingham’s parks, down winding trails and across open waterways.

The annual competition is held as a fundraiser to support stewardship programs of Recreation Northwest.


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Online ordering launches at Boomer’s Drive-In

Forever, Boomer’s Drive-In customers have learned to “call it in & pick it up,” advice which makes good sense if you want to save some time. Now you can add to that, “click it in,” now that online ordering has arrived at Boomer’s.

Boomer’s Drive-In has partnered with ChowNow to empower customers to place their orders online. The entire menu is available for online ordering and the order is prepaid using a debit or credit card. So when you arrive, you simply need to identify yourself and walk out with your order. Online orders can be picked up right away or days in the future.

To access online ordering, simply visit Boomer’s website at and click the “Order Online” button. Smartphone apps for Android and iPhone will soon be made available.

Online ordering is not only convenient and quick for individual orders, it also makes it easier for large groups to compile and review their orders while doing so days in advance if needed.

So, whether it be from your phone’s browser as you get ready to leave class, from the school parking lot as you wait for the kids or from your office computer before you head home, you can now quickly and easily place your order for pickup at Boomer’s Drive-In.

CALL (or click) IT IN & PICK IT UP!


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Boomer’s Drive-In takes 1st place overall in the 2017 Ski to Sea

Once again, Boomer’s Drive-In is proud to sponsor two terrific teams of athletes competing in the local Ski to Sea competition.

According to the Ski to Sea website, the competitive open division team was the first overall to cross the finish line. And not far behind in 5th place overall and 1st place in their division was the Boomer’s Drive-In veterans division team.

Ski to Sea is a multi-sport team competition that includes cross-country skiing, downhill skiing, road cycling, road running, canoeing, cyclo-cross and kayaking on a course that stretches from Mount Baker, across the Nooksack Valley and Bellingham Bay, ultimately ending up in Fairhaven.

Here are the fantastic athletes on the two Boomer’s Drive-In teams.

Competitive Open Division

  • Brad Bauer, cross-country skier
  • Calvin Collander, downhill skier
  • Juan Castillo, road runner
  • Michael Finley, road cyclist
  • Eric Gerstl, canoeist
  • Michael Hammer, canoeist
  • Steve Dempsey, cyclo-cross rider
  • Austin Kieffer, kayaker

Veterans Division

  • Kent Murdoch, cross-country skier
  • Mike Gifford, downhill skier
  • Michael Molnar, road runner
  • Mischa Burnett, road cyclist
  • Ron Williams, canoeist
  • Jim Charlie, canoeist
  • Roy Colven, cyclo-cross rider
  • Nicholas Cryder, kayaker


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Boomer’s Drive-In Ski to Sea teams compete in grand style

Once again, the Ski to Sea teams Boomer’s Drive-In is proud to sponsor performed admirably in this year’s race, finishing top of their divisions and high in the standings in the overall race. Continue Reading →

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2016 Anniversary Sale sets records

Tallying up the number of hamburgers, fries, onion rings and milkshakes sold during this year’s Anniversary Sale that happened across January and February this year is, there’s no other phrase for it, mind-boggling. Continue Reading →

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Boomer’s will be temporarily closed for a little remodeling

100_2330UPDATE March 7th – We will be re-opening tomorrow! We are looking forward to seeing everyone and showing off our shiny newly remodeled kitchen.

We survived Boomuary (aka The Anniversary Sale) so while we give the carhops and cooks a few well-deserved days to recover, we will be giving the kitchen a bit of a makeover. Since we will be putting up fresh paint, installing new counters and doing other neat stuff, we won’t be cooking for a few days.

We hope to be open again in a week but these projects can come with surprises so we don’t want to get anyone’s hopes up until we are sure. So watch here and on our Facebook page and Twitter account for updates so you don’t miss out when our doors open again.


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The Tale of the Boomer’s Tip Jar

Original Boomers Drive-In tip jar from Glass Mountain Studios

Original Boomers Drive-In tip jar from Glass Mountain Studios

Many years ago Ed Schmid and other Boomer’s Drive-In fans at Glass Mountain Studios crafted a custom tip jar and gave it to Boomer’s. It was displayed proudly on the front counter.

Sadly, it was stolen during the craziness of an anniversary sale only a few years later.

Replacement Boomers Drive-In tip jar from Glass Mountain Studios

Replacement Boomers Drive-In tip jar

Upon hearing the news, the gang at Glass Mountain Studios showed up with a replacement custom-made tip jar. How cool is that?

But surprise upon surprises, a gentleman recently returned the original custom tip jar to us the other day. His son had found it in a lot down the street from Boomer’s about the time they were moving. The tip jar ended up in storage until it was discovered a few days ago.

It’s very cool to have it back. Loving our fans and neighbors.

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Pardon Our Mess

Our drive-in canopy is getting a makeover for the next couple weeks. Be aware not to park in spots blocked with cones or tape.

Boomer's Drive-In canopy

Construction begins!

It’s been a long time since the canopy was built so it’s due for replacing. Fortunately, it will essentially look the same when done save for the peeling paint and other signs of age.


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Boomer’s Burger Haiku

The following awesome haiku-like poem was posted on our bulletin board. Worth sharing!

Boom! go the burgers
And the Carhops will bring them
Where the shakes are the best

by: John Francis

Our customers are so talented!

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